Isle of Wight Golf Union
Seniors' League

Seniors League Rules - IWGU Revised December 2014
1. The League shall be called "The Isle of Wight Golf Union Seniors Fourball Match Play League."
2. Matches shall be played over 18 holes maximum in accordance with the current rules of golf governing fourball match play competition, IWGU Standard Local Rules and the Local Rules of the course being played.
3. The Object of the League shall be to provide Inter-Club competition for club members of the age of 60 years and over.
4. A club team shall consist of five pairs. Each team member must hold a current CONGU competition handicap (denoted on club handicap lists by e.g. 18c).
5. It is recommended that, if possible a reserve pair be in attendance. If reserves are not available, the opposing Captain should be informed as soon as this fact is known so that he can arrange for correct numbers to be present.
6. Matches shall be arranged on weekday mornings during the Spring to Autumn period on a Home and Away basis.
7. Team members shall not be eligible to play for more than one club in each year.
8. Each Golf club shall nominate a Senior League Captain.
9. Each club shall pay an entrance fee as determined by the Union.
10. In the event of actual bad weather on the day of the match, the respective Captains shall be responsible for postponing and rearranging matches.
11. Postponed and rearranged matches must be notified to the Union's Hon. Match Secretary by the home team captain. In the event that a match venue is unexpectedly unavailable or is unplayable, the home captain shall endeavour to swap the home and away fixtures around or rearrange the match to the free week at either the midpoint or end of the season. Alternatively, the home captain may choose to forfeit either the venue or the match.
12. In the event of one team not appearing for an arranged fixture the opponents may claim the match. A team turning out with less than five pairs must record a lost game for the missing pair(s).
13. The results of all matches shall be reported by the home captain to the Union's Hon. Match Secretary via text message, e-mail or telephone as soon as is reasonably possible after the conclusion of any match. The Union's Hon. Match Secretary will maintain a league table based on points awarded for each match as follows: -

Two points to be available for each of the five individual fourball games in a match. Two points to be awarded for a game won and one point to each team for a game halved. In addition to the 10 points available for the five games there will be two bonus points for the team that wins a match or one bonus point to each team if the match is halved.
14. In the event of a tie on total points by the league leaders at the end of the season, clubs will be ordered by virtue of the aggregate games score of the two matches played between the two clubs. If a tie still remains, a play off shall be arranged on a neutral course (determined by the Hon. Match Secretary) to determine the winner of the league shield.

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